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About Hasharon regional cluster

We represent local municipalities all located in Hasharon district, who joined together in order to encourage regional development and to promote collaborations on various issues. Our goal as a regional cluster is promoting common welth, closing social-economic gaps and contributing to the greater good.


Regional development by joint  ventures between the cluster miunicipalties.


Making new and varied services avilable to the periphery and to small municipalities.


Improving residents’ quality of life by raising service levels and closing gaps.


Joint and efficient provision of municipal services by pooling resources and utilizing economies of scale.

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The Cluster's projects

Containers for recycle paper plastic and organic. Waste segregation. Garbage


Establishment and managing a joint regional system for waste removal, establishment of regional end stations for waste treatment and establishment of regional environmental supervision and enforsment system.

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Establishing emergency infrastructure through joint procurement and coordination between municipalities during emergency situations, including training and mobilization of teams, regional emergency colaboration and regional emergency response center.

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Promoting colabotaion among municipalities regarding transportatin, in order to reduce traffic congestion, encourage the use of public transportaion and improving infrastructures and bring inovative transportaion solutions to reduce the number of cars on the roads.



Promoting digital transformation, reducing technological gaps, imporving the service level to municipalities residents and leveraging the existing capabilities in leading municipalities for the benefit of all cluster municipalities.

The staff

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Noam Kleitman

Executive Assistant to CEO

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Enviorment Manager

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Yana Kreitman

Technology & Innovation Lead

דיראן (2)

Diran Shalabneh

Strategy & Growth Manager