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Regional Economic Development

The Regional Economic Development Division promotes a regional economic development strategy based on strategic thinking and a regional mapping of the relative opportunities and advantages in the region, support for necessary infrastructures such as efficient transportation, appropriate employment training, the establishment of designated platforms, and more, in a way that will lead to an improvement in the level of municipal services in the region, the development of the business space and the creation of employment and commercial opportunities for the residents of the cluster.

The advancement of these goals is carried out on several levels: economic efficiency and utilization of economies of scale by initiating joint tenders, concentrating, pooling and utilizing resources from various sources in an optimal and integrated manner, locating and realizing economic growth engines unique to the region that will bring value to all authorities – both strong and weak, harnessing all the players in the cluster area (business, government, third sector, municipal) to promote joint economic projects, and more.

In addition, the establishment of joint forums that unite interested parties in the cluster space – local businesses, officials in authorities and more, promoting small businesses and organic business growth for companies operating in the area, promoting the regulation of efficient and accessible public transportation, and more, all with the aim of turning the cluster space into an economic metropolis that stands on its own, is sustainable and has quality employment opportunities for its residents.



Shelf Tenders

In order to implement the economies of scale of the cluster, being a body that unites 14 authorities in space, the cluster initiates general tenders for the use of its member authorities. The tenders are available for use

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Director of Regional Economic Development

Gilad Assaf

Director of Economic Development