Active Tenders

Submission deadline: December 18, 2023 at 12:00

Public tender no. 8/23 for supplying, installing and providing warranty services for generator facilities in the local authorities that are members of the Sharon cluster


The cluster wishes to receive price quotes for the supply, installation and provision ofwarranty services of generator facilitiesin the member authorities of the Sharon Authorities cluster, as part of an emergency procedure by the authorities, all in accordance with what is stated in the tender documents including the agreement and its appendices.

The tender is a framework tender and does not include any obligation on the part of the cluster or the authorities to operate it. The operation of the service will be carried out in accordance with work orders from the local authority with which the contract will be made and as needed.

The tender documents can be purchased by bank transfer in the amount of NIS 2,000 (which will not be refunded).

The bids and all tender documents, signed by the bidder in 2 copies, must be placed in a sealed envelope marked Public Tender No. 8/23 in the tender box at the Cluster's offices in Kfar Saba – at the address: Kfar Saba, 1 Hatahana St., Yielding Building – 8th floorno later than December 18, 2023 by 12:00.

Clarifying questions can be submitted until December 10, 2023.

Tender documents

A link to open the tenders and bids box will be sent to the buyers of the tender booklet who will be entitled to participate when the bids are opened.

The cluster does not undertake to accept the cheapest offer or any offer whatsoever. The cluster will be entitled to take into account, inter alia, the ability and ability of the participant in the tender to perform the work at an excellent level.