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One of the four goals that the cluster defined in the vision is to build a regional community based on trust and mutual partnership.

The role of the cluster is to create cooperation and solidarity among the communities and companies in the cluster in various fields and to promote social cohesion.

The variety of populations that exist in the cluster, as well as the various societies and the Jewish-Arab connection, serve as fertile ground for engaging in the social and community spheres in the authorities. Therefore, the promotion of areas

Society and strengthening the communities in the cluster by promoting sports, social services, tourism and the issue of violence at the regional level will lead to the promotion of coexistence and the reduction of violence in the region. 


Entrepreneurship incubators

Senior citizens are quality human capital, as part of the "beneficial aging" concept, we will provide a course and guidance to a number of senior citizens, from every municipality, who are interested in initiating a social program that addresses the need

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Regional Social Tourism

Development of domestic tourism in Arab and Jewish society to strengthen the ties between the various companies and communities in the cluster. During Ramadan, the cluster will bring about a connection between Jewish and Arab society on the

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Regional sports program

Development of regional sports activities and joint sports teams in the field of sports. We are currently writing a strategic plan and a work plan for a sports program at the regional level that will include women's teams from different societies.

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Regional "Gatekeepers" Program

The program provides emotional and practical assistance from community women to women in the cycle of violence and often even a bridge to the social services department if those women are not yet interested in filing a complaint.

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Director of Society and Community

Jonathan Schwartzman


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